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Web Developers are proficient at blending the art of HTML/XHTML-coding with the visual arts to create pages that are content-rich and visually pleasing. They are proficient at page layout, image creation and manipulation, interactivity, content creation, and project and business management. Additionally, they are practitioners of web communication. They are responsible for all aspects of an organization's web presence, including web content development, technical operations, and business management. This program prepares an students for the World Organization of Webmasters', (WOW) Certification exam for WOW Certified Web Developer Apprentice and WOW Certified Web Developer Associate. Program Description

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West Hills College Lemoore enriches the lives of our students and the community we serve by being dedicated to quality educational learning opportunities and partnerships. The college provides a positive environment that is committed to student learning and empowering students to achieve their educational goals..

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WOW supports a diverse set of individuals and companies including practicing professionals, students and those that teach Web professional topics. The aim of this site is to hone in on the specific education and training needs for each.
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